Example Websites

Example Websites

Example Websites

Lambert Agriculture

A new site running Pro_News CM and Dragonfly CMS for almost all of the site. Just Contact for the ubiquitous Contact Us Email form, and coppermine for the Gallery. All standard Pro_News CM.

Only 1 very simple web interface to learn - Pro_News CM - and the entire site can be maintained and updated by the client. No HTML required! (Or allowed!)   more ...

Example Websites


A new site running Pro_News CM and Dragonfly CMS only. Plus Contact for the ubiquitous Contact Us Email form. All standard Pro_News CM.

Only 1 interface to learn - Pro_News CM - and the entire site can be maintained and updated by the client. No HTML required!   more ...

Example Websites


Continuously refining an EU-based Pentax-centric photography website - for Pentax users of course, but also others. Developed, run and supported by Pentax users. A site with a open style and a community spirit.

If you have an interest in Pentax SLR's - at any skill level, come join, and help develop your community site the direction you'd like to see.   more ...

Example Websites

French Food Hampers

A new site running Pro_News CM and Dragonfly CMS only. All standard Pro_News plus a PayPal Buy Now button template makes for a simple website that the client can easily maintain as the product lines vary.   more ...

Example Websites

Accadrà Limited

A corporate website for a newly founded company, developed to match a very specific new brand designed by Verve creative brand consultants. The website was built to the design brief down to the pixel, creating the appearance of a fully custom one-off static website.

But under the hood, Accadrà's website is a full Content Management System dynamic site, which can grow to support this startup as it itself grows. As well as being able to offer Event Calendars, Support Forums and the like for the future, today it can offer Accadrà their own site administration interface, through which they can update, adjust or add to themselves, as and when they like.   more ...

Example Websites

Somerford Cars

My newest website built for Somerford Cars in Little Somerford, UK. Somerford Cars is a small auto business which was in need of a little more advertising for its frequently changing sales vehicles.

This site allows the staff to add new cars to the sales sheets as required, with the opportunity for more photo, details and general information than offered by newspaper ads or auction websites. This allows Somerford Cars to augment their print advertising for very little cost.   more ...

Example Websites

KIS Software Solutions

KISSS Home Page
Keep It Simple Software Solutions required a, well, simple site, but one which would move it from its previous simple, static 'announce we are here' type of website, to a full time software developer website. One which would include information, presentations, free downloads, support and an e-Store for both purchases and quotations.

The resulting site retains the simple structure and layout preferred by KIS Software, but at the same time supports all of the required functionality, including a full electronic on-line commerce facility, capable of handling foreign as well UK orders and currencies.   more ...

Example Websites

Norton & Brooksbank

Intro Page of Norton & Brooksbank
Norton & Brooksbank are one of the most regarded Livestock Auctioneers of pedigree cattle in the UK, and specialists in the Holstein breed.

They required a straightforward, easily approachable websites for their clients and customers, which could show off the latest Auction Sales and future events. Their particular problem is not uncommon, except perhaps in the degree: at critical times of the year their auction schedule could change weekly, and sometimes more often than that. There was simply wasn't the time flexibility to allow any third party involvement with the site updates. It had to be done within the team. And it had to be done NOW.   more ...

Example Websites

Santa Barbara County Winery Guides & Map

This is the first website that I built using the versions of software, tools and themes that I use today.

It represents a clear, well structured site, in this case for a specific region and purpose, but could easily reflect the type of website required by an association or similar organisation. Structured content, plus the usual array of About Us, Contact Us, etc., and full user/member interaction through Forums, Discussion links and FAQ's as well as the very necessary security, registration and membership controls.

This website also demonstrates a number of additional features: maps, using a private interface to Google Maps; local weather forecasts, including USA NOAA radar, and a communal calendar.   more ...