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BusinessProject Management Consulting
DescriptionA corporate brand website incorporating future growth
A corporate website for a newly founded company, developed to match a very specific new brand designed by Verve creative brand consultants. The website was built to the design brief down to the pixel, creating the appearance of a fully custom one-off static website.

But under the hood, Accadrà's website is a full Content Management System dynamic site, which can grow to support this startup as it itself grows. As well as being able to offer Event Calendars, Support Forums and the like for the future, today it can offer Accadrà their own site administration interface, through which they can update, adjust or add to themselves, as and when they like.

The entire site runs on Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), using enterprise level tools such as Apache, PHP, MySQL, so there are no initial or annual renewal software costs, nor concerns of product end of life/replacement.

Link: accadra.com





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