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BusinessSoftware Developer
TypeSupport & eCommerce
DescriptionCaters for visitors, members & registered clients
Keep It Simple Software Solutions required a, well, simple site, but one which would move it from its previous simple, static 'announce we are here' type of website, to a full time software developer website. One which would include information, presentations, free downloads, support and an e-Store for both purchases and quotations.

The resulting site retains the simple structure and layout preferred by KIS Software, but at the same time supports all of the required functionality, including a full electronic on-line commerce facility, capable of handling foreign as well UK orders and currencies.

The website needs to cater for 3 classes of visitors: guests who visit once or infrequent to view the products, members who want to have a more interactive session, asking questions, etc., and registered customers who should be able to conduct all aspects of their business relationship with KIS Software through the site. This requires a secure site with flexible but simple controls to make management of these 3 groups intuitive and straightforward - else it would just be easier to have 3 sites. But KIS Software's site developed by Waldron Consulting handles this with ease, and with no extra effort on KIS Software staffs' part to manage it.

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KISSS Home Page
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