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Intro Page of Norton & Brooksbank

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BusinessLivestock Auctioneers
DescriptionA dynamic content website which frequent changes
Norton & Brooksbank are one of the most regarded Livestock Auctioneers of pedigree cattle in the UK, and specialists in the Holstein breed.

They required a straightforward, easily approachable websites for their clients and customers, which could show off the latest Auction Sales and future events. Their particular problem is not uncommon, except perhaps in the degree: at critical times of the year their auction schedule could change weekly, and sometimes more often than that. There was simply wasn't the time flexibility to allow any third party involvement with the site updates. It had to be done within the team. And it had to be done NOW.

The Norton & Brooksbank's website build by Waldron Consulting achieves this to their total satisfaction, indeed it includes additional features which they did not anticipate they would need, but are now using. The website is totally maintained by the staff responsible for organising their Auction Sales, and updates are done in short order, so their clients are always up-to-date.

In a recent snow storm, the site paid for itself by reaching almost all of their clients in time to divert them from a pointless and difficult journey in the worst snow storm for over a decade. Something they simply couldn't have done via email or phone.

This site has some fairly complex interactions behind the scenes to synchronise the various schedules, catalogues and sales reports, but the maintenance interface is still simple and straightforward - predominantly copy-and-paste.

Link: NortonandBrooksbank.co.uk

Intro Page of Norton & Brooksbank
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