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Continuously refining an EU-based Pentax-centric photography website - for Pentax users of course, but also others. Developed, run and supported by Pentax users. A site with a open style and a community spirit.

If you have an interest in Pentax SLR's - at any skill level, come join, and help develop your community site the direction you'd like to see.

With English, Dutch, Spanish and German forums, and more to come.

The site link

Much updated now, and also at PENTAXdslr.eu

As well as demo'ing many of the strengths of Pro_News CM, it also features many of my other Dragonfly hacks, plus the latest version of the reDesign3+ theme. Includes wide image support in Forums, and CSS managed image resizing for all platforms from 480 to 1920 pixels wide.

It also supports posting in many European languages, and reading in many, many other languages.


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